Essay About the Process of Translation

The sharing of ideas across the globe is now easy with the technological improvements being made. Unfortunately, peoples in different places have different languages. To reach them, you need to translate your book in a language they can understand without changing the concept. It enhances proper communication in the world. It acts as a culture protector and also helps in the development of the global economy. Unfortunately, translating any material to different languages is not an essay thing. The task is time-consuming and mentally demanding. You require professional translators to achieve your objective. Luckily, they charge reasonable prices, making it affordable. Here is the process the translators follow.

Skim Through the Text

The translator has to skim through the text he intends to translate. He or she should note essential aspects such as the subject matter, its length, and the writing style. He or she should also determine if the text is technical or not. When going through the test, he or she should note the key concept and determine if there is a need to research the ideas later.

Initial Translation

Translating the entire text can be tricky. The best way is to divide it into smaller chunks. It is easy to translate around 5-10 words at a time. The best way is to break long sentences into two shorter ones. He requires being careful since a short sentence can bring unclear translation. If it is too long, the translator may miss essential words in that sentence.


The translator requires knowing how accurate the whole translation is. He cannot afford to miss any concept or else misinterpreted. That is why, after making the first draft, he requires reviewing it. Reviewing involves comparing the translated document with the original text. If there is any unnatural flow, he should identify and correct.

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Take a Break

The translation is not an easy task. It is mentally demanding and time-consuming. You cannot produce a high-quality translation without taking a break. Remember that your mind requires to rest. If the task is not extremely urgent, take a few hours and rest. If it is not that urgent, you can rest then work on it the following day. Once the mind clears, you can handle the last step.

Refine Translating Wording

After reviewing and correcting all the misinterpretations, here comes the last stage. The translator has to read the translated work and check if there is any flow. The translator should check the quality of expression and can consider refining the wording. Once he is through, it is time to edit and proofread. He cannot afford to submit a translated work littered with grammar errors and mistakes. He should correct manually and ask someone conversant with the translated language to proofread it. He can use online tools to polish the work before submitting


Different languages should not limit passing information across the globe. Since not all understand English, you can translate the book to different languages. You require hiring a professional translator to do the work. He will go through various stages before getting a translated copy. He will skim through the text and note essential concepts. He will divide the text into smaller chunks and deal with each at a time. Once he finishes translating, he will review by comparing the translated and the original book. He will take a break since the task is tiresome. Once the mind clears, he will refine translating wording.

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